A $650,000 settlement was reached after a strip club patron sued an exotic dancer after being kicked in the face. According to the stripper, the Florida man violently slapped her as she walked around the top of the bar. The strip club boss said it was most likely a natural reaction to being hit. Stripper “Suki” (or who I’d like to call Eye Busting Suki) actually did quite a bit of damage with her heel, when she kicked him because Slappy Strip Club Dude (I’m hoping the name sticks) “suffered from a punctured eye socket and broken facial bones!” Yikes!

You deserved it buddy.  I know that sounds mean, but seriously, if you’re going to violently slap someone, you better watch out. We’re strippers, not punching bags. Jerk.

So how could have Eye Busting Suki handled this differently? She probably should have gotten management involved and/ or pressed charges against him.  I interpret ‘violent’ as pretty serious abuse, so Eye Busting Suki could have filed assault charges. Busting the guy’s eye out was pretty awesome, but having to shell out $650,000 in damages… not so much.

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