Sexy Stripper: This could be you!If you’re interested in becoming a stripper but want to do a test run before diving into the business, trying your luck at your local club’s amateur night is a great way to do so.

Amateur nights are usually well publicized by the strip clubs that put them on. As you would probably expect, they aren’t publicized in major news papers but rather, in local or stripper publications. Search on-line for “stripper amateur night in (insert city name here)” and you should get a few listings. If not, call strip clubs in your area and ask them if they have an amateur night coming up.

The best thing about amateur night is that you can experiment with stripping without any commitment. The next best thing is that you can win some cash! Woo Hoo!!

Here are a few things to expect during amateur night:

(1) Plan on staying a few hours longer than what they advertise the event to be. So if they advertise that it is from 10pm to midnight, plan on being there by 8:30pm and staying until 1am.

(2) Most likely, the judges will make first and second place a tie, so they can build anticipation and have a ‘dance off’ for first place.

(3) A lot of times, the judges are just guys they pick out of the bar and as such they aren’t the most objective. Don’t take it personally if they don’t choose you or they score you unfairly. You may also have veteran strippers, managers, bouncers, etc. be part of the judging panel.

(4) It’s a good idea to bring two outfits in case you decide one of them doesn’t appeal to you once you get there. Also, if you are in the tie breaker, you’ll have the option of changing outfits if you want, but it’s not necessary :)

(5) If you’re going to use stripper platforms, practice with them at home (and from reading my eBook, you already know about the non-slip stickies to add to the bottom of your shoe if you need to).

(6) If you get nervous, it’s okay to have a drink, but limit it to one so you’ll still be in total control of what you’re doing.

(7) You may not get to pick your songs, but have two in mind just in case.

(8) SMILE, let your personality show through, have fun, and you’ll do great! :)

Feel free to post your amateur night experience in the comment section below! (Advertisements and URLs are not allowed and will be deleted)

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