Being a Stripper and a Mom?

Stripper Mom OnesieHello moms who are strippers or want to be Strippers,

I was asked a very good question about being a mom and a Stripper by Seduction, a blog reader of mine, and thought I’d share my answer with you.

“Hi Seduction,

Thank you for your question. All of the advice I give in “How To Be A Stripper: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid To Ask” applies to Strippers who are mothers too, so when you read it, keep that in mind. However, the topic of whether or not to tell your kids what you do is a decision that each dancer will have to make on her own. Depending on how old your kids are and whether or not you want them to know about your Stripper job will require you to plan ahead for questions. If you want to keep your Stripper job a secret from your kids and they ask you where you work, I would suggest telling them you work in a bar. This eliminates any possibility that they can visit you at work. You can tell them they aren’t old enough to go into a bar.

However, it’s perfectly reasonable and acceptable to tell your kids the truth about your job, but of course do this when they’re old enough to understand what you’re doing and why.”

I found this cute little onesie on :)

Funny: “When I grow up… I want to be like Mommy!”

Ran across this picture today… got a great laugh out of it :)

Never judge too soon!

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