Stripper Shoe of the Month – January

To make 2011 fun, I thought I’d feature a different stripper shoe each month. Getting creative with the shoes you wear can help stir up conversation with potential customers all while having fun stripping.

Just to be fair to all the potential shops where you can buy this platform at, I’m eliminating any direct links to anyone in particular. I think it’s best not to endorse websites I haven’t personally purchased from, but if you search for ‘stripper shoes with disco balls’ on Google, you’ll find plenty of places to purchase these bad boys.

January’s feature shoe is a clear 6.75 ” stiletto platform with mini disco balls inside. The price ranges from $35 – $65 depending on where you buy these.

Stiletto Stripper Shoe - Disco Balls

If you find a particular stripper shoe you want me to consider for the featured stripper shoe, please email me directly at

How To Be A Stripper – A How To Guide To Stripping

Stripping on Christmas?

Stripping on ChristmasIf you don’t have any family in town or plans for Christmas, working at the strip club might be a good option for you. If your strip club is open during Christmas, why not take advantage of the giving nature of the Christmas spirit?

You’ll find that a lot of your regular strip club patrons don’t have much to do on Christmas and often times will head over to their favorite strip club. Because there’s not a lot open on Christmas, and entertainment options are limited, you might get an influx of new customers too. Also, a lot of your stripper co-workers might be with their families, so there’s less competition. Less competition equals more opportunity.

This is a great chance to bring in some extra cash, so use Christmas themed costumes, music, and spirit to your advantage and have fun with it. I’m sure your customers will appreciate your joyful attitude over the holiday.

Happy holidays!