Funny: “Pole Dance Hero”

This is pretty funny… Adult Swim created a Stripper version of Guitar Hero. Here, instead of being a rocker on stage, the player is a stripper at a club. Here’s the description from their site:

For years you’ve dreamed of a promising career in exotic dancing or wished you could enjoy a gentleman’s club experience in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Now no matter which of these two very specific fantasies you may have, it can be fulfilled in Pole Dance Hero. Tap the arrows in time with the music and on-screen commands to keep the money and the adoration of the crowd flowing. Then when you’ve got your audience at the height of their arousal, push them over the edge into Full Lust mode, multiplying the loot you bring in.

If you don’t keep up with the arrows, the stripper falls off the pole! Hahahah! Good for a few laughs ;)

Here’s the link: Pole Dance Hero

Should You Install a Stripper Pole in Your House?

There’s a particular YouTube video that sticks out in my mind as a precautionary tool to girls who want to install a stripper pole in their house. It’s actually quite amusing to watch because it’s just girl after girl dancing sexy one minute and then the dancer and pole flying across the room the next. Some of it’s fake, but for the parts that are real, it’s worth watching if not for a good warning for a good laugh.

Installing your own stripper pole has a lot of benefits, but if you install it wrong or you buy the wrong type of pole it can be very dangerous. There are several types of poles you can buy for home usage including: a free standing pole, a removable pole, a portable pole, and a permanent pole.


If you’re already a stripper or want to get into the business, it’s a good way to practice without anyone there to watch you. Because you’ll be in the privacy of your own home, you’ll be able to try moves out without worrying about how you look. I’d recommend installing a full length mirror so you can see your form and get a good perspective of what customers will see. Pole dancing is one of the best workouts you can get. You’ll soon see results in a more toned body. Supplementing your at home strip routine with yoga will give you the perfect body.


Although there are different types of poles to choose from all ranging in price, size, color, material, and length, there is one HUGE warning– do not buy a tension pole! These are dangerous!!! These poles are held in place in the same way that your shower curtain rod is… with tension. If you watch the YouTube video below, you’ll see that that this is the type of pole that most of the girls in this video used.

If you have a good place to install the permanent pole (ex. your garage), this is the one I’d recommend. The drawback of this is that it’s something that you can’t just put up and take down whenever the mood strikes you… you’ll have it up over Thanksgiving dinner when your friends and family are over, so it’s got to be something you’re comfortable with the possibility of people seeing. Of course, if you want to go through the hassle of uninstalling it each time, you can do that too. Because the permanent pole is bolted into the ceiling and floor, it is the safest.

Several options that are better than the tension pole but less secure than the permanent pole is the removable pole and the standalone pole. Caution: the tension pole is sometimes called a removable pole too, so watch out for this. The standalone is a good option because you can easily put this together and take apart and it doesn’t attach to anything. Here, the bottom looks like a pie with ‘slices’ that make up the base and a center for the pole to slide into.

The removable pole that I have is something my friend and I created, but you can find different versions of this online. It’s basically a round base with a 6” tube coming out of it. This is bolted to the floor and when the pole slides into the tube, I have bolts that tighten down to keep the pole from spinning. Alternately, I can loosen these and have a spinning pole. The top end of my pole slides into a 2 ¼” hole in the rafters. “Shy” is scratched into the base… it was a cute touch my friend added :)

If you end up installing your pole, try using a 2” diameter with stainless steel material. A 2” diameter is the standard size used in strip clubs so it will be the most realistic, and the stainless steel (as opposed to brass) is a little easier to do tricks on.

Pole Dancing Gone Wrong

Do You Have To Have Big Boobs To Be A Stripper?

If you’re considering becoming an exotic dancer, you’re probably asking yourself if your cup size really matters. Some may be surprised that breast size doesn’t play as big a role as you might think it would.

Every customer has different taste in women whether it is their hair color, the shape of their body, their ethnicity, and even their boob size. Although every customer who goes to the club walks in with certain physical traits he finds attractive, every single one of them has one thing in common that dancers need to focus on—making him feel special. Making a customer feel special isn’t done with the size of your breasts, but instead with the size of your personality.

Big boobs, small boobs, no boobs… there’s a customer for every type of cup size.

How to be a stripper – the ultimate how to guide for strippers

How To Pick Your Stripper – Exotic Dancer Stage Name

Deciding what your stage name will be is an important decision. If your city requires you to obtain an ‘Adult Entertainer’s Permit,’ your stage name will be on all documentation submitted as well as the permit itself. Changing this will involve extra paperwork and an extra trip to the permit and licensing department, so choosing your stripper name carefully is important.

Using the book “How To Be A Stripper: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid To Ask” as guidance, a step by step list was put together.

1. Figure out possible names that interest you. Decide if you want a ‘real’ sounding name like, “Lisa” or a more stripper sounding name such as “Mercedes.”

2. Get creative. Get a piece of paper and start jotting down any and all ideas of what you think your stripper name should be.

Most commonly, stripper names are either names of spices or cities such as Cinnamon or Brooklyn.

3. See if the name you want is already taken. Because you’ll most likely pick your stage name out before you actually start dancing, it’s important to go to the club you’ll be working at and either ask management, waitresses, bartenders, or other dancers if there is another dancer working there with the name you want.

4. See if the name you want rhymes with one already taken. Believe it or not, it’s common to have stripper names sound similar or rhyme (ex. Foxy and Roxy), so it’s important that your name is unique. The reason for this is because the D.J. will be calling your name over the microphone to announce when it’s your turn to get on stage. You don’t want to accidentally go on stage, ditch your customer, and then realize it’s not your turn.

5. Once you’ve narrowed it down to two or three names pick the best one. My stripper name was “Shy” and it helped me get a lot of attention. Customers would ask, “Are you REALLY shy?!” Try to pick a name that fits your personality but also draws attention to yourself.


* You’re always going to get the question, “What’s your real name?” so if you choose a stage name that is more on the ‘real’ side, you can always say, “Lisa IS my real name!”

* Your stage name will become second nature to you, so don’t worry if it doesn’t feel natural at first.

What’s Your Stripper Name?

Most stripper names are modeled after names of cities, spices, or the good old “add your pet’s name to the street name you grew up on” (ex. Dallas, Brooklyn, Cinnamon, Ginger Applewood).

I want to hear some of your thought on what you think YOUR stripper name might be! Comment away ladies  :)

How To Pick A Money Box

How you choose to store your money can vary, but the most common is to store it in a money box. A money box is usually a makeup box or some sort of plastic container with a handle. You want to avoid using a regular purse to store your money because it can easily blend into the dark lighting and it can look similar to a purse that a woman customer might have brought in. When you bring this box on stage with you, make sure it is out of the reach of any customer sitting at your stage. You don’t want to have someone steal it during your show.

Here are a few examples of what a money box looks like. You should be able to find them at Target, Walmart, etc. but if not, you may want to look online.

*You’ll want to look for something that’s light to carry and on the smaller side.
*Pick a box that’s bright and unique so you can distinguish it from others.
*If you can only find a ‘plain’ box, add stickers to it or any other distinguishing features to make it easy for you to spot.
*If you can find a box with a mirror in it– BONUS! You’ll be able to quickly check your makeup as you’re putting your money in your box.
*Since these boxes are usually made for makeup, try to find one that doesn’t have a lot of shelves in it… you want something that is hollow (like the pictures above).

How To Be A Stripper – A How To Guide For Strippers

How to Successfully Collect Tips from Stage Dances as an Exotic Dancer

Making sure you collect all your tips after dancing on stage is an important element to the income you’ll make as an exotic dancer. Using the information gathered from the book, “How To Be A Stripper: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid To Ask” a step by step guide was put together to help you understand the steps you should take when collecting tips after your stage dance.

1. Bring your money box on stage. How you choose to store your money can vary, but the most common is to store it in a money box. A money box is usually a makeup box or some sort of plastic container with a handle. You want to avoid using a regular purse to store your money because it can easily blend into the dark lighting and it can look similar to a purse that a woman customer might have brought in. When you bring this box on stage with you, make sure it is out of the reach of any customer sitting at your stage. You don’t want to have someone steal it during your show.

2. Collect tips customers may have thrown on your stage. Gather up any dollar bills customers may have thrown on your stage while you were dancing. Doing this in a sexy manner can give customers a little extra incentive to tip you when you come by to collect individual tips.

3. Bring the money you’ve just picked up off stage to your money box. Once you’ve gathered tips customers may have thrown on stage, make sure you go to your money box before you continue collecting tips. Shove all your money in there without straightening or unfolding any bills… you can do this later.

4. Collect tips from customers sitting directly at your stage. Once your set is over and you’ve put your clothes back on, put your garter on one of your thighs. Always start at one side of the stage and systematically go to each customer. Stick the leg with the garter on it out to the customer and with one hand hold the money you’ve already collected to one side of your thigh, and with the other pull the garter out so that the customer can place the money inside your garter. Always smile and say thank you to the customer for their tip.

5. Pay attention to who gives you what. This is the time to evaluate which customers can be potential sources of money. The customer who tips you $1 probably isn’t going to buy a lap dance from you, but you can always ask. However, the customer who gives you a $5 bill is more likely to accept your offer. It’s very important that you look at what he’s wearing and any distinguishing features so you can find him again. Don’t try to remember the customer by the place he’s sitting, he isn’t going to stay in the same seat all night.

6. Remove some of your tips. When you finish collecting tips from customers directly on your stage, remove some of the tips from your garter. Depending on how much you have in your garter, you’ll want to remove between 20%-50% of it and put it in your money box. When you go to collect money from customers sitting around your stage (as opposed to sitting at it) you want them to know you just got off stage but not make it look like you already have plenty of tips. Customers tend to tip less if they think you’ve already made ‘too much’ from other customers.

7. Collect tips from customers sitting around your stage. After your stage set is over and you’ve collected your tips from customers sitting directly at your stage, try to collect tips from customers around your stage. Try not to think of this as a free for all where you ask every single guy at the club for a tip. Be reasonable and know which customers were actually watching you dance and which ones were getting dances from other girls, in the restroom, etc.

8. Store your money. Once you’ve collected all your tips, ‘shove’ all your money in your money box. The reason to ‘shove’ your money in is to prevent customers from seeing how much money you’ve actually collected and the amount of money you currently have in your box. You don’t want others to see how much money you have for safety reasons. You can straighten out your bills, count your money, etc. in the back room where you have more privacy.


*Once in the back room, straighten out your bills

*Organize your tips in denominations of ones, fives, tens, twenties, and hundreds

*Exchange most of your ones for larger denominations (management, bartenders, or waitresses can provide this for you)

*Paperclip or rubber band any one dollar bills you may still have in groups of $20 or $25. This will make it easier for you to count at the end of the night or give change to customers.

*When making change for customers, always count out loud as you count out the change. You don’t want the customer to come back 10 minutes later saying you short changed him.

Predict the Amount of Money You’ll Make as a Stripper

If becoming an exotic dancer has ever crossed your mind, you’ve probably asked yourself ‘how much money can I make?’  Because this and a lot of other questions are running through your mind, the book “How To Be A Stripper: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid To Ask” was written to help answer this and many other questions. Using the information gathered from the book, a step by step guide was put together to help predict the amount of money you can make as an exotic dancer.

1. Understand where the money comes from. The two main sources of money you’ll earn will come from (1) stage dances and (2) lap dances. The term lap dance, table dance, private dance, and personal dance can all be used interchangeably.

2. Begin by collecting your tips from stage dances. Your first source of income will be from stage dances. This is the money you collect after you’ve performed on stage. You should try to collect tips from everyone sitting on and in very close proximity to your stage and who might have seen you dance.

Because most dance sets are made up of two 3.5 minute long songs, the club will have approximately eight girls dancing per hour. Keep in mind that there is at least a 30 second interval between dancers, so there is a chance that only seven girls will go up on stage per hour/per stage.

Depending on how many stages there are in your club, how many girls are on the rotation schedule, and how many customers there are, you’ll most likely make between $10 and $50 per stage show.

3. Supplement your money from stage dances, with money from private dances. Most lap dances are between $10 and $20 per dance, so the key to making a lot of money is to keep your customer buying dances from you once you’ve already got him in your chair. The best thing to do is make your lap dance the most seductive during the last 30 seconds. When you can hear the song starting to end, ask your customer if he wants you to continue. If you’ve done it right, he’ll want more!

4. Add your two sources together. Taking the money you make off stage dances and adding it to the money you can make by getting customers to buy lap dances from you, you can make between $80 and $100 an HOUR. Of course, this amount may vary… some nights you’ll make more and some nights you’ll make less, but this is the average you should expect.


*  Always be nice to customers, even if they don’t tip you.

*  People who don’t tip you at first, might have a change of heart and tip you later in the night, so always try to collect your tips from non-tippers again.

*  Don’t expect everyone to tip you. They may not have seen your dance because they just walked in, just got back from the bathroom, or was getting a private dance from another dancer.

*  Don’t take rejection personally.

*  To  make the most money, try not to drink or do drugs at work, they will hinder your ability to keep track of who has tipped you the most and who might be possible sources of private dance income.


*  It’s easy to get upset if someone doesn’t tip you, but don’t let it consume your night and put you in a bad mood. Just pick yourself up and know that some customers tip more than others, so in the end it’s a wash.

*  Don’t steal customers from the stage when another girl is dancing. Have common courtesy and make sure that you’re trying to get lap dances without offending other dancers.

*  Don’t take too much time collecting your tips after your stage dance, guys have a hard time remembering the last dancer once a new girl is on stage.

How to be a stripper – the ultimate stripper guide