Future Strippers: What to Expect During Amateur Night

Sexy Stripper: This could be you!If you’re interested in becoming a stripper but want to do a test run before diving into the business, trying your luck at your local club’s amateur night is a great way to do so.

Amateur nights are usually well publicized by the strip clubs that put them on. As you would probably expect, they aren’t publicized in major news papers but rather, in local or stripper publications. Search on-line for “stripper amateur night in (insert city name here)” and you should get a few listings. If not, call strip clubs in your area and ask them if they have an amateur night coming up.

The best thing about amateur night is that you can experiment with stripping without any commitment. The next best thing is that you can win some cash! Woo Hoo!!

Here are a few things to expect during amateur night:

(1) Plan on staying a few hours longer than what they advertise the event to be. So if they advertise that it is from 10pm to midnight, plan on being there by 8:30pm and staying until 1am.

(2) Most likely, the judges will make first and second place a tie, so they can build anticipation and have a ‘dance off’ for first place.

(3) A lot of times, the judges are just guys they pick out of the bar and as such they aren’t the most objective. Don’t take it personally if they don’t choose you or they score you unfairly. You may also have veteran strippers, managers, bouncers, etc. be part of the judging panel.

(4) It’s a good idea to bring two outfits in case you decide one of them doesn’t appeal to you once you get there. Also, if you are in the tie breaker, you’ll have the option of changing outfits if you want, but it’s not necessary :)

(5) If you’re going to use stripper platforms, practice with them at home (and from reading my eBook, you already know about the non-slip stickies to add to the bottom of your shoe if you need to).

(6) If you get nervous, it’s okay to have a drink, but limit it to one so you’ll still be in total control of what you’re doing.

(7) You may not get to pick your songs, but have two in mind just in case.

(8) SMILE, let your personality show through, have fun, and you’ll do great! :)

Feel free to post your amateur night experience in the comment section below! (Advertisements and URLs are not allowed and will be deleted)

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Being a Stripper and a Mom?

Stripper Mom OnesieHello moms who are strippers or want to be Strippers,

I was asked a very good question about being a mom and a Stripper by Seduction, a blog reader of mine, and thought I’d share my answer with you.

“Hi Seduction,

Thank you for your question. All of the advice I give in “How To Be A Stripper: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid To Ask” applies to Strippers who are mothers too, so when you read it, keep that in mind. However, the topic of whether or not to tell your kids what you do is a decision that each dancer will have to make on her own. Depending on how old your kids are and whether or not you want them to know about your Stripper job will require you to plan ahead for questions. If you want to keep your Stripper job a secret from your kids and they ask you where you work, I would suggest telling them you work in a bar. This eliminates any possibility that they can visit you at work. You can tell them they aren’t old enough to go into a bar.

However, it’s perfectly reasonable and acceptable to tell your kids the truth about your job, but of course do this when they’re old enough to understand what you’re doing and why.”

I found this cute little onesie on CafePress.com :)

Shy Shy Shy ;)

Wow, I’ve surely been slacking off in the blog department haven’t I? I’m sorry fellow followers, I didn’t mean to neglect you! The eBook has been flying off the virtual shelf and I’ve been working on a few side projects… and planning my wedding!!! :)

I promise to write more articles soon and catch up on March, April, and May’s stripper shoe of the month.



Stripping on Christmas?

Stripping on ChristmasIf you don’t have any family in town or plans for Christmas, working at the strip club might be a good option for you. If your strip club is open during Christmas, why not take advantage of the giving nature of the Christmas spirit?

You’ll find that a lot of your regular strip club patrons don’t have much to do on Christmas and often times will head over to their favorite strip club. Because there’s not a lot open on Christmas, and entertainment options are limited, you might get an influx of new customers too. Also, a lot of your stripper co-workers might be with their families, so there’s less competition. Less competition equals more opportunity.

This is a great chance to bring in some extra cash, so use Christmas themed costumes, music, and spirit to your advantage and have fun with it. I’m sure your customers will appreciate your joyful attitude over the holiday.

Happy holidays!

Strippers: Try Not To Bust Your Customer’s Eye Out

A $650,000 settlement was reached after a strip club patron sued an exotic dancer after being kicked in the face. According to the stripper, the Florida man violently slapped her as she walked around the top of the bar. The strip club boss said it was most likely a natural reaction to being hit. Stripper “Suki” (or who I’d like to call Eye Busting Suki) actually did quite a bit of damage with her heel, when she kicked him because Slappy Strip Club Dude (I’m hoping the name sticks) “suffered from a punctured eye socket and broken facial bones!” Yikes!

You deserved it buddy.  I know that sounds mean, but seriously, if you’re going to violently slap someone, you better watch out. We’re strippers, not punching bags. Jerk.

So how could have Eye Busting Suki handled this differently? She probably should have gotten management involved and/ or pressed charges against him.  I interpret ‘violent’ as pretty serious abuse, so Eye Busting Suki could have filed assault charges. Busting the guy’s eye out was pretty awesome, but having to shell out $650,000 in damages… not so much.

Source: here

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“The Best Strip Scenes in Movies”

Original Post By: Moviefone Staff

Source: The Best Strip Scenes in Movies

Learn how to be a stripper

There’s been a long history in Hollywood of actresses, at some point in their career, deciding that the next film they do… will involve less clothes. No one can explain this phenomenon, and not too many are complaining. It’s just a shame that most actors aren’t brave enough to do the same (although that doesn’t include Ewan McGregor and Harvey Keitel, who are no strangers to revealing their best supporting actors, if you know what we mean).

Anyway, the results of these disrobing ladies has often made for cinematic immortality — which we felt the need to celebrate in some way. So, after plenty of research (some might say, a bit too much research) we reveal to you now the eight greatest movie strip scenes in movie history. Oh, and when we say “strip scenes,” we mean “strip club scenes” really, just if you were looking for clarification on our selection.

Please note: There’s no nudity in the clips below but they are of an extremely racy nature — so users with high blood pressure and heart problems should beware. (There is also graphic language.)

1. Rose McGowan in ‘Grindhouse’
As movie intros go, they don’t get much sexier than this turn from Rose McGowan in Robert Rodriguez’s 2007 sci-fi horror flick. Of course the mood does change slightly when she does her weird mouth thing at the end, oh, and when you find out that she has a machine gun for a leg.

2. Salma Hayek in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn
Possibly the most classic strip club scene of all time. Miss Hayek appears on stage with a snake around her neck, sticks her foot into Quentin Tarantino’s mouth and then turns into a vampire. “Now that’s what I call a f***** show!” says George Clooney at the end, perfectly summing it up.

3. Natalie Portman in ‘Closer
Clive Owen’s getting flustered, and it’s no surprise why. Natalie Portman plays its surly with a fantastic pink wig and little else. This scene gets extra points for having The Prodigy and (just at the end) The Smiths playing in the background.

4. Jessica Alba in ‘Sin City
Any fans of the graphic novel will be aware that the scene where Nancy (played by Alba) first appears is when she dances completely nude on stage. The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that Alba doesn’t do that here — but there probably weren’t that many complaints afterwards.

5. Daryl Hannah in ‘Dancing At The Blue Iguana’
Full marks on the fancy pole work performed by Daryl Hannah here, although she loses points on giggling half way through it. What makes this scene most fascinating though is when you think, my god, that’s the mermaid from ‘Splash’!

6. Demi Moore in ‘Striptease
Moore was paid $12.5 million to do this movie which, at the time (1996), made her the highest paid actress on the planet. So was she worth the money? Well, Ashton Kutcher probably thinks so. And her accountant.

7. Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘True Lies’
This lady had a big male following after her ‘revealing’ display in the comedy ‘Trading Places’ in 1983. But it’s to her credit that 11 years later, at 36, she still managed to make jaws drop with this incredible private dance for the governor of California aka Arnold Schwarzenegger. He gets hit over the head at the end of this scene by a phone, but he probably didn’t mind one bit.

8. The Men of ‘The Full Monty’
We know this is a token male effort, and we apologize in advance. But having said that, this classic Brit movie from 1997 does contain not one, but six strapping, er, middle-aged fellas. Which evens up the quota of women to men in this list don’t you think? OK, maybe it doesn’t, but it’s a fun moment all the same – with the best finale of them all.

Video Taping At The Strip Club

Exotic dancers should be aware that some clubs video tape and record everything that is happening at the club. Although management’s main intention is to keep a watchful eye on club patrons and thieves, a stripper’s every move is likely to be caught on tape too.

The standard was to have seven tapes, one for each day of the week. When Monday’s tape was used up it was stored away and Tuesday’s tape was used the following day, and so forth. When the following Monday rolled around, the same tape from the previous Monday was used. Most clubs re-recorded over old footage within a week and anything you did was permanently erased.  However, with more modern technology, some club owners use thumb drives or video feed recordings to a more permanent and secure off-site location. With the latter option, the recording may be held for weeks, months, or even archived on DVD for longer.

Knowing that a stripper’s actions are video taped isn’t intended to scare women out of becoming an exotic dancer – it is intended to make strippers aware that there is a watchful eye in the sky. Although this can be beneficial to dancers, for example if a customer does something that the dancer wants the management to investigate, it can also be harmful. Because of the lax and often times playful setting a strip club portrays, dancers get ‘sloppy’ and sometimes bend the rules. It’s important to know that although the bouncers didn’t see it, there’s a chance that it could be reviewed by management.

Most of the time management isn’t going to say anything to you unless you did something that could jeopardize their license, but its best to keep your wits about you and stay focused at work.

Another thing to consider is that now days with the iPhone, Blackberry, and other camera equipped phones, customers too could be taking video or snapping photos of you. If this happens, and you aren’t okay with what he’s doing, make sure you talk to the customer and ask him to delete the image or video he’s taken of you. Although you have to deal with the club’s videotaping, you don’t necessarily have to with the customer’s. Involve management if you feel that it’s necessary.

Although you’re getting topless or naked at a club, it doesn’t give customers the right to tape you and exploit your images outside the club, so don’t  be afraid to let him know that what he’s doing is not okay with you.

Read, “How To Be A Stripper: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid To Ask” for tips and tricks to learning how to be a stripper.

All images from Yahoo! Images

What’s The Minimum Age Of An Exotic Dancer / Stripper In The U.S.?

The minimum age of an exotic dancer depends on where she lives and what type of club she’ll be dancing at. Nude clubs don’t serve alcohol and therefore the minimum age is 18 years old. However, at a topless bar/club alcohol is served and since the minimum age to buy alcohol is 21 (National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984), the minimum age to dance there is also 21.

There are a few exceptions to this general rule. Some topless bars have been known to allow dancers who are 18 to work there but strictly prohibit dancers from drinking while working. These bars are few and far between. Another exception can be found in Rhode Island. Minors are allowed to be exotic dancers as long as they have “a work permit and are off the pole by 11:30pm on school nights.

If you’ve decided to become an exotic dancer, read “How To Be A Stripper: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid To Ask,” so you can get real first hand experience about how to be a successful dancer.

Should You Install a Stripper Pole in Your House?

There’s a particular YouTube video that sticks out in my mind as a precautionary tool to girls who want to install a stripper pole in their house. It’s actually quite amusing to watch because it’s just girl after girl dancing sexy one minute and then the dancer and pole flying across the room the next. Some of it’s fake, but for the parts that are real, it’s worth watching if not for a good warning for a good laugh.

Installing your own stripper pole has a lot of benefits, but if you install it wrong or you buy the wrong type of pole it can be very dangerous. There are several types of poles you can buy for home usage including: a free standing pole, a removable pole, a portable pole, and a permanent pole.


If you’re already a stripper or want to get into the business, it’s a good way to practice without anyone there to watch you. Because you’ll be in the privacy of your own home, you’ll be able to try moves out without worrying about how you look. I’d recommend installing a full length mirror so you can see your form and get a good perspective of what customers will see. Pole dancing is one of the best workouts you can get. You’ll soon see results in a more toned body. Supplementing your at home strip routine with yoga will give you the perfect body.


Although there are different types of poles to choose from all ranging in price, size, color, material, and length, there is one HUGE warning– do not buy a tension pole! These are dangerous!!! These poles are held in place in the same way that your shower curtain rod is… with tension. If you watch the YouTube video below, you’ll see that that this is the type of pole that most of the girls in this video used.

If you have a good place to install the permanent pole (ex. your garage), this is the one I’d recommend. The drawback of this is that it’s something that you can’t just put up and take down whenever the mood strikes you… you’ll have it up over Thanksgiving dinner when your friends and family are over, so it’s got to be something you’re comfortable with the possibility of people seeing. Of course, if you want to go through the hassle of uninstalling it each time, you can do that too. Because the permanent pole is bolted into the ceiling and floor, it is the safest.

Several options that are better than the tension pole but less secure than the permanent pole is the removable pole and the standalone pole. Caution: the tension pole is sometimes called a removable pole too, so watch out for this. The standalone is a good option because you can easily put this together and take apart and it doesn’t attach to anything. Here, the bottom looks like a pie with ‘slices’ that make up the base and a center for the pole to slide into.

The removable pole that I have is something my friend and I created, but you can find different versions of this online. It’s basically a round base with a 6” tube coming out of it. This is bolted to the floor and when the pole slides into the tube, I have bolts that tighten down to keep the pole from spinning. Alternately, I can loosen these and have a spinning pole. The top end of my pole slides into a 2 ¼” hole in the rafters. “Shy” is scratched into the base… it was a cute touch my friend added :)

If you end up installing your pole, try using a 2” diameter with stainless steel material. A 2” diameter is the standard size used in strip clubs so it will be the most realistic, and the stainless steel (as opposed to brass) is a little easier to do tricks on.

Pole Dancing Gone Wrong

Do You Have To Have Big Boobs To Be A Stripper?

If you’re considering becoming an exotic dancer, you’re probably asking yourself if your cup size really matters. Some may be surprised that breast size doesn’t play as big a role as you might think it would.

Every customer has different taste in women whether it is their hair color, the shape of their body, their ethnicity, and even their boob size. Although every customer who goes to the club walks in with certain physical traits he finds attractive, every single one of them has one thing in common that dancers need to focus on—making him feel special. Making a customer feel special isn’t done with the size of your breasts, but instead with the size of your personality.

Big boobs, small boobs, no boobs… there’s a customer for every type of cup size.

How to be a stripper – the ultimate how to guide for strippers