I get a lot of traffic on BeAnExoticDancer.com from people using the search term, ‘I want to be a male stripper,’ so I thought I’d post a little diddy to point you fellas in the right direction.

My eBook, ‘How To Be A Stripper: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid To Ask’ is geared towards women, so I want to point you to the male version…

I’ve got the perfect book for men interested in becoming strippers. The book is called, “Road Warrior: Confessions of a male stripper” by Nick Molloy. Nick and I have been in contact and he seems like a pretty cool guy with a lot of knowledge from the male stripper perspective. Although it’s not a how to manual, and does contain a lot of personal story, it does provide insight into the male stripper world and is the closest thing to a how to manual you’ll get.

Here’s a brief summary of the book:

“Confessions of a Male Stripper explodes the myths concerning the UK male strip scene from as unlikely a stripper as you might ever encounter!

Nick outlines the struggles of a newcomer in a cliquey business at the very bottom of the show-business ladder. Along the way, the reader is introduced to some colorful and fascinating characters: other male strippers who possess seemingly unending egos, the unlimited vitriol of the drag queens that frequently share their dressing room, through to agents and brokers who demand sex for favors.

Nick’s tale chronicles the rise and current decline of the male strip scene. It delves deep into the psychology of a stripper, and tackles the stereotypes thoroughly. Nick also gives a painfully honest account of his own upbringing and his psyche comes in for some ruthless scrutiny. This provides some very revealing home truths and may explain why he now does what he does.

Confessions of a male stripper is a story that quite literally lays everything bare! The girls, the gays, the egos, the myths, the rumors, the underhand tactics, the bitchiness, the TV offers, the psychology, and ultimately the freedom of a stripping lifestyle are all candidly here for everyone to see.”

It’s an inexpensive buy, so check it out on Amazon: Male Stripper

Learn how to be a stripper.