This is pretty funny… Adult Swim created a Stripper version of Guitar Hero. Here, instead of being a rocker on stage, the player is a stripper at a club. Here’s the description from their site:

For years you’ve dreamed of a promising career in exotic dancing or wished you could enjoy a gentleman’s club experience in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Now no matter which of these two very specific fantasies you may have, it can be fulfilled in Pole Dance Hero. Tap the arrows in time with the music and on-screen commands to keep the money and the adoration of the crowd flowing. Then when you’ve got your audience at the height of their arousal, push them over the edge into Full Lust mode, multiplying the loot you bring in.

If you don’t keep up with the arrows, the stripper falls off the pole! Hahahah! Good for a few laughs ;)

Here’s the link: Pole Dance Hero