There’s a particular YouTube video that sticks out in my mind as a precautionary tool to girls who want to install a stripper pole in their house. It’s actually quite amusing to watch because it’s just girl after girl dancing sexy one minute and then the dancer and pole flying across the room the next. Some of it’s fake, but for the parts that are real, it’s worth watching if not for a good warning for a good laugh.

Installing your own stripper pole has a lot of benefits, but if you install it wrong or you buy the wrong type of pole it can be very dangerous. There are several types of poles you can buy for home usage including: a free standing pole, a removable pole, a portable pole, and a permanent pole.


If you’re already a stripper or want to get into the business, it’s a good way to practice without anyone there to watch you. Because you’ll be in the privacy of your own home, you’ll be able to try moves out without worrying about how you look. I’d recommend installing a full length mirror so you can see your form and get a good perspective of what customers will see. Pole dancing is one of the best workouts you can get. You’ll soon see results in a more toned body. Supplementing your at home strip routine with yoga will give you the perfect body.


Although there are different types of poles to choose from all ranging in price, size, color, material, and length, there is one HUGE warning– do not buy a tension pole! These are dangerous!!! These poles are held in place in the same way that your shower curtain rod is… with tension. If you watch the YouTube video below, you’ll see that that this is the type of pole that most of the girls in this video used.

If you have a good place to install the permanent pole (ex. your garage), this is the one I’d recommend. The drawback of this is that it’s something that you can’t just put up and take down whenever the mood strikes you… you’ll have it up over Thanksgiving dinner when your friends and family are over, so it’s got to be something you’re comfortable with the possibility of people seeing. Of course, if you want to go through the hassle of uninstalling it each time, you can do that too. Because the permanent pole is bolted into the ceiling and floor, it is the safest.

Several options that are better than the tension pole but less secure than the permanent pole is the removable pole and the standalone pole. Caution: the tension pole is sometimes called a removable pole too, so watch out for this. The standalone is a good option because you can easily put this together and take apart and it doesn’t attach to anything. Here, the bottom looks like a pie with ‘slices’ that make up the base and a center for the pole to slide into.

The removable pole that I have is something my friend and I created, but you can find different versions of this online. It’s basically a round base with a 6” tube coming out of it. This is bolted to the floor and when the pole slides into the tube, I have bolts that tighten down to keep the pole from spinning. Alternately, I can loosen these and have a spinning pole. The top end of my pole slides into a 2 ¼” hole in the rafters. “Shy” is scratched into the base… it was a cute touch my friend added :)

If you end up installing your pole, try using a 2” diameter with stainless steel material. A 2” diameter is the standard size used in strip clubs so it will be the most realistic, and the stainless steel (as opposed to brass) is a little easier to do tricks on.

Pole Dancing Gone Wrong