How you choose to store your money can vary, but the most common is to store it in a money box. A money box is usually a makeup box or some sort of plastic container with a handle. You want to avoid using a regular purse to store your money because it can easily blend into the dark lighting and it can look similar to a purse that a woman customer might have brought in. When you bring this box on stage with you, make sure it is out of the reach of any customer sitting at your stage. You don’t want to have someone steal it during your show.

Here are a few examples of what a money box looks like. You should be able to find them at Target, Walmart, etc. but if not, you may want to look online.

*You’ll want to look for something that’s light to carry and on the smaller side.
*Pick a box that’s bright and unique so you can distinguish it from others.
*If you can only find a ‘plain’ box, add stickers to it or any other distinguishing features to make it easy for you to spot.
*If you can find a box with a mirror in it– BONUS! You’ll be able to quickly check your makeup as you’re putting your money in your box.
*Since these boxes are usually made for makeup, try to find one that doesn’t have a lot of shelves in it… you want something that is hollow (like the pictures above).

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